Interested in a fresh new way to turn your visitors & shoppers into profitable long-term customers?

You already know that uninformed shoppers can be a waste of your time.
What if there were a way to get them onboard with you earlier?


Does This Sound Familiar?

A floor representative asks “Can I help you?” and the shopper responds, “No thanks, I’m just browsing.” (and often quickly cuts short the visit and leaves).

Are you looking for a better way to connect with each shopper that enters your place of business?

We're here to show you how to CONNECT with your shoppers in a new and innovative way.

Are You Looking for an Earlier Connection with Your Shoppers?

    Many successful businesses start the conversation in a more personal manner with “have you been in our store before?” Or “what brings you in today?” to start a conversation that’s not as easy to brush off.

How would you like to be introduced to the shopper and start a conversation with them before they come to your place of business?

    Our CONNECT(tm) offering provides you a new way to engage with your walk-in and web shoppers, earlier, and and provide them access to the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Do you have a an online catalog or a great story to tell? 
Wonder how you can get more people to see it (and take action)?

    CONNECT will expose you to a larger online shopper audience, that's looking for what you are selling - 24 x 7 x 365.  We provide a "private labeled" promotional product that your shoppers will use frequently, that promotes you continually, and builds upon your existing targeted marketing, and other advertising media and programs you are currently using. 
    We equip you with a shopper "gift" you can give to shoppers - a "private labelled" personal secure web-based data vault that we customize to your organization, that has your logo, imagery and tagline, (powered by TheOneFile® a web-based application that helps people stay in control of the data and documents they need in their busy day-to-day lives)

    We handle all of the technical details hosting/support etc. 
Here's How CONNECT Works


What is TheOneFile?

TheOneFile® is a secure web application that provides your shoppers a simple means of organizing, storing, and communicating all of their important personal and private information, instructions, arrangements, documents and electronic files, in one secure place.

Accessible 24 x 7, from any Internet connected PC, tablet or smartphone, It requires no special software other than the standard web browser.

It's pre-organized into more than 123 individual folders with "fill-in-the-blanks" fields, so users don't have to come up with a folder scheme.  Just select a folder, open it up, enter the information you want to save, or  attach documents or other files and save your work.

Its simplicity is what users cite as it being so easy to use.

We've Made It Easy For You to Measure Your Marketing R.O.I.

Success means creating the most efficient marketing mix across channels to drive results and quantifying the effect your marketing efforts have on new sales revenue.

CONNECT gives you the data you need to do that.  

   When a shopper accepts your gift, you get a new "warm lead" with contact information, and have their permission to start a conversation with you.

    Unlike any other promotional offering of this type, CONNECT provides you with

  • detailed usage data so you know who is using your gift,
  • how often, when they're using it, and
  • how many times they're using it to connect to your catalog, website or other information site.

You get a database you can mash up with your sales records and see correlations between shopper activity and sales


Isn't This The Way You Want Your Business to Run?

Imagine thousands of recipients of your promotional gift, using it dozens of times a month, and each time being a click away from your specials, new inventory, promotions, or information you want them to have to make a better purchase decision. With CONNECT, you'll have a new marketing agent, promoting your business 24 x 7 x 365. And best of all, you'll have a new and better way to CONNECT with shoppers than your competitors.

There's a reason why the Promotional Products industry is a $22b+ industry. Because it works!

Do you want to make it work for you?

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