The company’s initial offering is TheOneFile®. . .
a secure online storage management service providing individuals a simple new way to easily organize and store important documents and information, at every stage of adult life.
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TheOneFile® Our "Consumer" application

TheOneFile® provides you a simple means of organizing, storing, and communicating all of your important personal and private information, instructions, arrangements, documents and electronic files, in one secure place, accessible 24 x 7, from any Internet connected PC, tablet or smartphone.

Providing your remote employees an easy way to manage their lives

By reducing stress from being away from home, we help you reduce employee turnover, and increase job satisfaction

Creating a new source of profitable business

We can show you how to turn the people who walk out your door each day into a source of new profitable business

Applications for Healthcare

YourLifeArchive provides industry specific applications that help service providers enhance quality of care

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Life is Complicated, Now Organizing It Isn't (tm)

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