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We're a small business, but possess over 170 years of relevant technical and business experience and achievements

Our Focus

Making it easier to organize, store and communicate important information

It takes discipline, diligence, and determination to simplify and organize your life/home/office/etc.

Then once you think you have things simplified and organized, it takes continual (daily) maintenance to keep it that way!

YourLifeArchive began with the idea that yes, life is complicated, but there is a way to make organizing it simpler.

The people of YourLifeArchive are just like you, have families, have demanding personal and business lives, and also experience the planned (and unexpected) events that cause us to change our plans and rethink our priorities.  Most of us don't like to be surprised and would prefer to have our affairs in order.  Businesses we help, experience the same challenge. Getting and staying organized.  Both individuals and businesses understand the need for quick access to important information, when you need it) and recognize the frustration and confusion that occurs when it's not readily available. 

Our Team

Our capable and experienced leadership team, like you, appreciate the importance of good information when and where you need it.

Jim Kissane  Jim Kissane - CEO/President, Founder (Tampa, FL)
Creating and Executing the Business Vision
Jim provides the product vision and strategy, and guides the execution and growth for the business. A "techie" at heart, Jim built his first computer at age 12, and has been "hooked" on technology ever since. He is a respected technology industry executive, with extensive prior technical experience designing operating systems, middleware, and applications.  In addition, he has developed new curriculum and taught software engineering, computer architecture, and telecommunications systems design at the University of Pittsburgh and Clarion University
Andy Schultz, Sr. Andy Schultz - Director (Tampa, FL)
Marketing and Business Strategy
Andy is our marketing strategist, and coordinates our advertising, P/R and Social Media Marketing initiatives. He is a well-respected "Serial Entrepreneur" with 20+ years history of creating and sale of several new ventures. He is past Chairman of Sharn, Inc., and retired from Johnson and Johnson where he was a successful Marketing Executive.
Anna Forgione Anna Forgione, LLB - Director (Toronto, ON)
General Counsel, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Contracts, Strategic Alliances
Anna serves as the General Counsel for our venture and oversees our legal affairs and is responsible for a wide variety of corporate and strategic matters. A software entrepreneurs, she helped create and later sold her growing venture to Oracle Corp. Her extensive background with global software and internet companies includes Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contracts, and Strategic Alliances .
Patricia Edfors Patricia Edfors, CIPP, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CSM -
Security Advisor (Washington, DC) Information Security
Security analyst examining the security, privacy, policy and compliance postures of YourLifeArchive, Inc.  Currently Vice President, Information Security and Compliance at Sirius XM Radio Inc.  Previously, Ms. Edfors served as Chief Privacy and Security Officer at Mirixa Corporation, a healthcare technology company, VP of IT Risk Management at America Online, and held senior IT Risk leadership roles for Baltimore Technologies (formerly GTE CyberTrust), U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of the Treasury, and NIST.
Michael Delmore  Michael Delmore, CPA, MBA - Director (Dallas, TX)
Financial Management
Mike oversees our financial reporting, treasury functions, financial modeling and taxation issues.  Current CFO at TexStars (formerly Hampson Aerospace),he has 15+ years as CFO/Controller in the consumer products, aerospace, and software industries.
Nancy Kissane  Nancy Kissane, Director/Corporate Secretary (Tampa, FL) Operations/Administration 
Nancy's handles operational administration and is the corporation's Corporate Secretary.  She ensures that the operation runs smoothly and that customers are taken care of. She has over 13 years in healthcare administration, and has worked with tech firms and tech consulting for over 20 years across all areas of administration, marketing and operations.  In addition to operational management experience in healthcare, Nancy has also served in pastoral ministry and in hospital chaplaincy and in "front-line" care assisting individuals and families in times of difficulty and loss. 

We are excited about creating the "next generation" of industry specific information solutions for the industries and markets we serve.





TheOneFile® Our "Consumer" application

TheOneFile® provides you a simple means of organizing, storing, and communicating all of your important personal and private information, instructions, arrangements, documents and electronic files, in one secure place, accessible 24 x 7, from any Internet connected PC, tablet or smartphone.

Providing your remote employees an easy way to manage their lives

By reducing stress from being away from home, we help you reduce employee turnover, and increase job satisfaction

Creating a new source of profitable business

We can show you how to turn the people who walk out your door each day into a source of new profitable business

Applications for Healthcare

YourLifeArchive provides industry specific applications that help service providers enhance quality of care

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